St Paul’s Cathedral: Resplendent and Rich in History

For more than 300 years, St Paul’s Cathedral has been towering above London, its dome an easily recognisable and picture-perfect icon in the city skyline. This English Baroque landmark hints at a deep and rich history, and its interiors, pulsing with stories and surprises, beg you to discover more.

st pauls cathedral

Step inside the cathedral and lose yourself in a dazzling display of art and beauty. Marvel at the mosaics, intricate carvings, gilt designs, elaborate paintings and metalwork, and of course, the canopied altarpiece in marble and gilded oak. Then, venture forth down the underground crypt and discover tombs of notable figures like the Duke of Wellington, Lord Nelson, and the architect of present-day St Paul’s Cathedral, Sir Christopher Wren. Learn more about the cathedral’s 1,400-year history through the films shown in the Oculus, located at the former Treasury in the crypt.
The spectacle doesn’t end there. Take 259 steps up the dome to reach the Whispering Gallery where your barely-audible whispers can be heard from across your spot. Don’t forget to visit the Golden Gallery as well to catch a stunning panoramic view of London.

More chapels and galleries within the cathedral are available for public viewing. Sightseeing hours start from 830 am to 430 pm, and you will need around 1.5 to 2 hours to explore the church. You can also join a guided tour to gain better understanding of St Paul’s Cathedral’s journey throughout the centuries. Admission fee starts at £18.00 for adults, and given the multitude of wonders this church offers, we say it’s worth it.

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